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Enrollment in our Faith Formation Program is offered to all registered parishioners who participate in the sacramental life of the church and, most especially, Sunday Eucharist. The Program is open to all Parish children in Kindergarten through Grade 8 who are not in Catholic School.

Registration is open for the new Faith Formation Program year. To register, please contact the Faith Formation Staff for further information and registration materials. We can be reached at 201-791-1616, Colleen's extension is 218 and Claire's extension is 224 or email at 

Faith Formation has their own website

For more information, please contact the Office of Faith Formation at 201-791-1616, x218 or x224; or


Our goal is to work together to form a partnership dedicated to the faith formation of your child and your family. Faith Formation happens first within the family. The Rite of Baptism calls parents to commit to “raising children in the practice of the faith”, which affirms that parents are the first and most important teachers of the Catholic faith. Through this commitment, our children and families will continue to develop a greater love for God and Church and our Faith Formation programs will continue to support what goes on in the home. Besides attending Faith Formation sessions, it is essential that your family participate in Mass weekly. All these experiences give the children/family the opportunity to build their faith, grounded in God’s love, family experiences, and the witness of others and is brought to fruition as we celebrate as a parish family of faith during the Eucharist.  

Faith formation Programs


For: Grades K-8

following the 9:30 am Mass


For: Grades 1 through 8; for families who wish to teach their children at home. 

** Large group sessions for adults and children are held several times throughout the school year.


For: Children with special needs

Tuesday afternoon from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m.


For: Grades 1 through 5 (entering in September)  

Students enrolling in the Summer Faith Program must have attended the St. Anne Faith Formation program one year prior to enrolling in the summer program. If they were not enrolled in St. Anne Faith Formation Program for one year prior, they can enroll in the Sunday Faith or Home Study program. The only exception is for grade 1.

**Summer students and their families also attend return sessions during the school year. An adult volunteer (per family) is required to volunteer one day during the summer program.



Here at Saint Anne’s, the preparation for the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist is done in the home. ALL parish children enrolled in either St. Anne School or St. Anne Faith Formation are eligible to prepare for these sacraments in their 2nd year of instruction. If a child begins faith formation in 3rd grade, he/she would receive Reconciliation and Eucharist in 4th grade. If a child begins faith formation in 1st grade, he/she would receive Reconciliation and Eucharist in 2nd grade. Parents/guardians and children are required to attend certain sessions for each sacrament.

The preparation for the sacrament of Reconciliation begins in the fall with a meeting for parents/guardians. A family session is held several weeks later; First Reconciliation is usually celebrated in late January.

The preparation for the sacrament of Eucharist also begins with a parent/guardian meeting. A family session is held several weeks later. The children attend a Eucharist Retreat in the spring. First Eucharist is celebrated during the Easter season.



At Saint Anne Parish, our Confirmation preparation program that begins in the winter of the 7th  grade; reception of Confirmation occurs in the Spring of 8th grade or Fall of 9th grade. All candidates must have completed either 8 years of faith formation or 8 years of a Catholic grammar school in order to enter the Confirmation program.


The Confirmation program involves 25 hours of community service (including a Mercy Project), a retreat experience, an interview, and several Sunday night sessions during the school year.

For more information on sacramental preparation, please contact the Office of Faith Formation at 201-791-1616, x218 or x224; or