Fr Joe preaching to Elsa

Kids for Christ!

"God has no difficulty in being understood by children

and children have no trouble in understanding God." 

Pope Francis

Here at Saint Anne, there are many ways for our youth to explore, enhance, and simply enjoy their relationship with God. Our first and foremost ministry is our Faith Formation program, which offers a variety of platforms for participation. Instruction is also available in a more informal format. We have a unique children's Liturgy program that runs on Sundays during the 9:30 a.m. Family Mass:  Children's Liturgy of the Word for our young brothers and sisters through grade 4.  It is a great opportunity to introduce a little bit of faith to your children--while YOU can experience the Mass in peace! There are also ways for our kids to actively participate in the Mass itself. We invite all parish children to get involved in Altar Serving or Family Choir. Altar serving is open to boys and girls in grades 2-8, and the Family Choir is open to all parish kids-and their family members!  

We are thrilled to have a new Youth Ministry program called BOLD: Becoming Our Lord's Disciples. BOLD and BOLD Middle offer our kids faith, friends, and fun through a number of social activities and trips.

Our parish seeks to instill our children with the values of Christ in all aspects of their lives, so that the spiritual fullness provided by our religious ministries imbues our kids' social and communal lives as well. We have a variety of Community programs that enable our children to play, grow, serve, develop friendships, and experience God's love. Basketball, Girl & Boy Scouts, and Couples for Christ Youth