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Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council is comprised of parishioners selected by the pastor in order to represent their voice regarding parish issues. Members serve four-year terms.

We started off the new year with a prayerful retreat on what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and how the Eucharist nourishes and supports us to continue his mission today.

One area we reflected on was that each day, we need to reaffirm our commitment to Christ by uniting with him in prayer, being conscious of the Lord and my commitment throughout the day and examining the day at night –

  • how did I do?

  • What were the “successes?

  • ” What were the challenges?

  • How did I handle them as Christ would?

We shared our understanding of the Eucharist, through the scripture about the Road to Emmaus. We like the disciples, “recognize him in the breaking of the bread” at Mass. It is Christ becoming real to us and in us as we go forth to serve our brothers and sisters.

Current Members:


Joan Piela, President

Terence Curley

Deacon Junie Fuertes

Colleen Jagde

Carolyn Kohler

Laurie Hessman

Anthony Iozzia

Nicole Nuckley

Tara Finch

Wayne Paulter

Grace Baladi

Catherine Meluccio

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