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Spiritual Growth Ministries

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Secular Franciscans

"There is, then, a Franciscan doctrine in accordance with which God is holy, is great, and above all, is good, indeed the supreme Good. For in this doctrine, God is love. He lives by love, creates for love, becomes flesh and redeems, that is, he saves and makes holy, for love." ~ Pope Pius XII


The Secular Franciscan Order is a community of Catholic men and women who seek to pattern their lives after Christ in the spirit of Saint Francis of Assisi. Secular Franciscans are tertiaries, or members of the Third Order of Saint Francis founded by Saint Francis of Assisi 800 years ago.

The process of becoming a professed Secular Franciscan is a journey that involves three separate stages and culminates in a lifelong commitment to live the Gospel following the example of Saint Francis of Assisi. The first stage, Orientation, provides time for dialogue and developing relationships in fraternity. The second stage, Inquiry, is the first formal period of initiation. It is a time of in-depth study of the lives of Saint Francis and Saint Clare. The third stage, Candidacy, is the final formal period of initiation. It is a time of preparing for permanent commitment by immersion into fraternity life. After profession of the Rule and permanent commitment to the Gospel way of life, the newly professed member joins the rest of the fraternity in ongoing formation.


The Franciscan emphasis, then, is on the fact that God is love. A Secular Franciscan should devote himself or herself to going from the Gospel to life and life to the Gospel: in communion with Christ the poor and crucified; in the love of God; in brother/sisterhood with all people and all of creation; in a life of prayer; and as instruments of peace.


For additional information on the Secular Franciscan Order, please contact us at the rectory: 201-791-1616.

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