resources for substance abuse

The vast majority of people who need treatment for substance abuse do not seek it. Though there are many barriers that hinder people from getting the help they need, awareness is a significant factor. This can be in the form of lack of recognition or just not knowing the available avenues for help. Below you will find a comprehensive set of guides that provide information on many of the prevailing substance abuses that are affecting our communities today, various care options, and many free resources: 

Twelve percent of high school seniors abuse drugs:


resource for housing

[Re]pairing homes,

[re]vitalizing communities,

[re]building lives. 


Do you need home repairs?

Are you on a fixed or low income?

Rebuilding Together North Jersey (a 501 c3 nonprofit) can help for FREE!

Residents of Bergen or Passaic County can apply for help in any of these ways: Visit,  Call 201-447-8886, or Email