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Liturgical Ministries

"Commit your work to the Lord."

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Behind the Scenes

We have a number of groups who work behind the scenes to ensure that the Church is ready for its liturgical celebrations, that all necessary materials have been prepared, and that the structure and content of the Mass are well planned. If you wish to be involved without being "seen," but always being so appreciated, consider joining one of the following groups:


Art and Environment Committee

Many hands make light work! These volunteers step forward as needed to tend to plants and flowers in the church, to clean and repair church furnishings, and to help decorate our church for the key liturgical seasons.

These ministers enhance the beauty of our sacred space, helping create a spirit of welcome and joy. Additionally, we also have our Garden Angels. With green-ish thumbs and loving hearts, these parishioners look after the grounds of our parish, helping us maintain a welcoming and beautiful environment for our life together. 


Altar Linen Committee

These ministers launder and iron the linens we use at each liturgy. Their work reminds us of the reverence which our worship demands. 


Collection Counters

Each Monday morning, our Sunday collection is counted and prepared for deposit by these dedicated parishioners. It's about dollars and cents--and heads and hearts. 


Mail Team

The generous volunteers of this ministry come together on an as-needed basis to prepare bulk mailings and to assemble other parish materials, including liturgical worship aides. Their careful work saves our parish thousands of dollars every year.


We are always in need of an extra set of hands! If you would like to participate in any of the above ministries, please call Laurie Hessman at the rectory at 201-791-1616.

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